Join Our Team!!

Who we are is operated by ComRes Cleaning, LLC. We are one of the leading hourly house cleaning services. Our company is a unique blend of technology and people. We leverage technology to have low overhead. This means we charge our customers less than most of our competition. AND pay our team members more than most other cleaning services. We think having delighted customers and well paid team members is the key to our success.

Who we hire

We only hire people who have professional cleaning experience. We only hire the best. We only want people that we can depend on to be there on time and clean it right the first time. We have high expectations, so we pay among the highest wages in the city. We want people who know what they are doing, and don't need to be trained. If you're the best of the best, consider switching to work for us. We'll compensate you for it!

Schedule and Hours

Your exact schedule will change each week based on bookings. We can work with almost any schedule. If you would like to start at 6am and be done by noon, we can work with that. If you need to work 9am to 3pm, we can work with that too! Just need some work on the weekends, not a problem, we can work with that! As long as it is consistent week to week, we can work with it. Generally I find the people that are most successful with us are people who have a schedule they need to work around. If you get good reviews, you will move up in the priority and I will be able to give you more hours.